Playstaiton 3: Real-time Ray-tracing

What do you get when you put 3 Playstation 3s together? You can render up to 75X more complex than today’s standard game. IBM has recently put together Playstation 3s to show impressive rendering ability.

N4G reports that

“IBM Interactive Ray-tracer (iRT) using three Sony Playstation3s (PS3) to render a model that is 75x more complex then those used in today’s games. Ray-tracing is the rendering technique used by the film industry and is considered to complex for today’s game systems. The code was written using IBM Cell SDK 2.0 on Linux. The iRT is totally scalable and only requires one Cell SPE to run. More PS3s = More SPEs = Higher client frame rates. All images are at least 720p 4x multi-sampled, with dynamic light sources, procedurally generated atmosphere, and dynamic shadows”

Here is the video clip:



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