Penny Arcade becomes obsessed with Eye of Judgment

Upon seeing this Penny Arcade comic, our own Nick Doerr breathed a sigh of relief saying, «Awesome. I finally feel I’m not the only one strangely interested in the game.» You’re not alone Nick — in fact, there’s an increasing interest for this unique real and virtual card game. The synergistic qualities of Eye of Judgment give it a strange appeal.

The nerd-king Tycho explains in his blog: «The physicality of card placement and interaction has its own virtues. Cards are recognized in a second or less, so watching them transformed is actually a very interactive, exciting process. You don’t actually need the PS3 to play it — the game can be played on a regular table without any electronic accompaniment. But you’ll probably find, as we did, that having a perpetually available neutral arbiter who will track all numeric systems is pretty convenient.»

We were impressed by our brief time with it at E3 … and it looks like Penny Arcade is too. Slowly, but surely, it appears that positive word of mouth is spreading for this incredibly innovative and unique card game.


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