Detail Info on Devil May Cry 4 from PSM

General information

* Series staples remain intact — everything running at constant 60fps.
* Attention paid to every detail in the game is staggering.
* Characters are a lot more expressive in-game.
* New characters can be unlocked after clearing the game.
* High-definition graphics everywhere you look.
* Environments look so in touch with the DMC universe.
* Environmental destruction during battles such as the Variel boss battle are unparalleled with anything ever seen in the series.
* The game will have a crisp and responsive feel when playing.
* The game feels like a PS3 game more than anything else. (Don’t kill the messenger here)
* When asked about the development cost, he said that they are ‘making it to the point where we don’t exceed the break point of what we can handle as a budget and still have the game be profitable.’ He said the game is not twice as expensive as DMC1.
* The camera is much more cinematic now.
* Vehicles can be seen strewn across Fortuna. Cars and vans will be on the side of the roads etc.
* 16×9 aspect ratio. The camera will play a big part.
* More meaning and justification to the cutscenes and flow of the storyline.
* Same graphics engine as Dead Rising will be used to give the basic support to the graphics and appearance of everything. They initially looked at the types of middleware available, but they realized they couldn’t do some of the things that they wanted to do. He said that most devs say, “We have this engine, we have this middleware. What can we make with it?” However, Capcom’s development starts with, “We have this game, what do we need to make it?”
* Yuji Shimomura will be directing the cutscenes etc. again. He will ensure that the cutscenes will look much more action-packed and more stylish than ever. He understands the universe and Dante so will be able to make the cutscenes suit them.
* Johnny Young Bosch (the Power Ranger, Adam Park) is providing the motion-capture and and voice for Nero.
* When asked if Clover’s departure from Capcom affected the game, and he said that the people who left are ones that wanted to move on to different projects. The people that are working on DMC4 are the ones that really want to make DMC4.
* The snow level that was in the E3 2005 trailer is in the game


* Nero’s Devil Bringer is natural and not difficult to use.
* Dante’s animations and expressions will be in the same cool tone as before.
* Some of Nero’s moves list given in PSM:
Charge Shot — Hold square to charge, then release to fire
“As well as shooting bullets in rapid succession, you can charge up your gun for a slower, but more powerful shot.”
Exceed — Pull L2 to charge the EX-guage
“Revving your EX-guage like a motorcycle handle, you can build up to three levels of extra power for your moves.”
Streak — While holding R1, press the left stick towards the enemy + triangle
“Streak is a powerful forward strike”
High Roller — While holding R1, press the left stick away from the enemy + triangle
Air juggle
Hell Bound — Face the Grim Grip and press R1+Circle
“Think of this as a a grappling hook-like move that you can use to reach far away platforms — but only if there is a globe to catch.
Buster — Press circle near an enemy
“This attack can be performed after you catch an enemy. Best used at the end of a combo, since it doesn’t work well with juggleing.
Snatch — While facing an enemy, press R1+circle
Used to grab enemies in the air or on the ground
* Vergil was a subject that was avoided as it was reiterated that Dante was one of the main focuses of this game. Vergil was still not confirmed to be in the game though yet it wasn’t said that he won’t be. Who knows. They have no interest in making a Vergil spin-off game either.
*Variel will be extremely detailed with his battlefield being an epic scrap. Destructible environments will have a place in this battle as Variel destroys everything to get to you.
* The Frosts will be difficult enemies to destroy. They can disappear and reappear. Plus they can attack you in groups.

Playstaiton 3: Real-time Ray-tracing

What do you get when you put 3 Playstation 3s together? You can render up to 75X more complex than today’s standard game. IBM has recently put together Playstation 3s to show impressive rendering ability.

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Devil May Cry 4 Video on PlayStation Store HK

Worried about Folding@Home? Don’t be!

one of the gentlemen behind Folding@Home, is getting kind of old but there are a couple of points worth pointing out. Mainly concerning running Folding@Home on the PS3 — some people have been running «stress tests» to see how Sony’s console can handle the program over extended periods. Those people can stop, because they’ll be doing that forever. In any case, the PS3-specific questions were answered by SCEA ‘s Richard Marks (who’s doing a stress test himself). Let’s list it up!

Is it safe to leave the PS3 folding for 24/7?

  • Yes. There’s no indication that the PS3 has problems over long periods of folding… but of course, you should ventilate the darn thing so it won’t overheat.

Well… should people give the PS3 a break to cool off?

  • No. It shouldn’t need a cooling period. You know that whirring thing? It’s a fan. It regulates the internal temperature. [note: PS3Fanboy added some «attitude» to this response, because we like attitude]

What’s stressed the most and will it affect the stability of the PS3?

  • The Cell processor. Luckily, it’s a high-performance processor built for things just like this. Folding@Home shouldn’t have any adverse affects on the PlayStation 3’s stability.

That’s all that we think pertains to running the program on your PS3. Don’t worry, guys! Your system is completely safe and that’s a good thing. Waiting for those warranty replacements or whatever aren’t the best… plus you only get a refurbished system (read: previously broken) instead of a new one.
[Thanks, Dalton!]

Why was Calling All Cars delayed so much?

The Full Moon Show, an Insomniac podcast, recently released «Episode 2» where they interviewed some guy who called himself David Jaffe or something like that. Ever heard of this lout? He thought he could explain why Calling All Cars, made by this other guy named… hmm… well, shoot, we completely forgot! Was it something like Javid Daffe? Either way, here’s the explanation from the man himself.

During their extensive playtesting, there were instances where one player would just blow away the other players, creating a gap in score that kept growing to silly amounts. Sensing that it would draw away from the fun, Jaffe retreated to some devs who worked on older, arcade-style games for some coding help. Enter the image of Jaffe conversing with a Council of Elders in Developerland. Jaffe and crew are currently testing out some of the strategies for fixing the issue as given by these other developers. At least he’s trying to make it fair for everyone, right?

Devil May Cry 4 demo out in Japan kiosks… on PS3! [updated, yo]

Someone wandered into a Toys R’ Us in Japan recently to discover, much to their surprise, a playable Devil May Cry 4 kiosk! Still not really sure why he would compare it to Gears of War and Lost Planet instead of Virtua Fighter 5 and Genji or something.

What did the guy think of the level he was able to demo? It seemed to play great, but was sort of repetitive (understandable, although if you fight anything a few times in any game, repetitive can be an allocated descriptor). Hopefully the repetition slides away and is replaced with DMC3 difficulty. Graphics and effects were great, but the backgrounds seemed a little out of place, or didn’t flow with the environments. Slightly jealous, but that’s why I can just throw in the other odd-numbered titles of the series and get my fix.

[update: yeah, yeah, fixed the title, etc. Darned subject lines with their conspiracy-theory destroying abililites]

Final Fantasy XIII demo statement due this month?

Nick Doerr taps his fingers impatiently, waiting to hear the mail delivery truck to roll past his apartment complex’s mailbox hut. Every day, he wonders if that new issue of EGM will arrive. Since the month of the magazine and the actual month are never the same and the delivery dates appear arbitrary, it’s little more than a guessing game. However, he’s a reason to be excited this time around. Final Fantasy XIII is coming. Maybe.

We reported a long time ago that there might be a demo coming out this year for FFXIII: Crazy Latinese Subtitle and estimated its arrival… let’s see… after TGS’07 — the demo itself was scheduled to be completed by E3’07. Apparently EGM had a little blip inside an issue (it may have been the April issue) confirming such a demo heading to the PS-Store. If we’re already hearing that, can we expect it sooner? E3 is just around the corner and down a block, so maybe we’ll get that demo then, instead? Whatever, keep your ears open.

UK retailers slash the PS3’s price!

For those of you who went out and snagged a PS3 on launch day, you might want to cover your ears, click around randomly until this post magically disappears into some other realm, never to be heard from again until one day the Judges of Destiny decree that a hero needs to appear and this post is, inexplicably, «The One» to save the world wide web.

Why? WH Smith (not Will Smith as I mistakenly read it initially as) has become the first High Street retailer to slash the price of the PS3 by a whole £25! That’s right, you can grab a new PlayStation 3 for the low, low price of £400 (well, 399.99 but that’s just poppycock). This offer is only good until April 10th, after that tricky Easter holiday weekend. So, guys, let’s beef up those sales numbers so we don’t see !

[Thanks, Colin McP!]

Finally! Burnout 5 screens make their entrance

Well, this involved a little more detective work on the part of bloggers than normally expected. Some images of Burnout 5 were posted up on GamePRO’s website, but were quickly removed. That aside, all we know about the game is that it’s going to incorporate the HD EyeToy somehow and be a much more open experience than prior iterations. But where are the screenshots?

Luckily, someone from before they were removed and we can enjoy them to our hearts content. Guess what? They look pretty. Yeah, it’s another car/driving/racing/kaboom game, but it’s a pretty good one. Let’s hope it stacks up well next to all the competition on the PS3 and 360!

Eidos подтвердила начало съёмок фильма Hitman

Eidos Interactive подтвердила, что работа над фильмом Hitman в самом разгаре. Съёмки начались ещё 27 марта в Софии и её окрестностях,…

Продажи PLAYSTATION 3 в Великобритании резко упали

Спустя чуть больше недели после запуска PS3, количество продаваемых приставок стало стремительно сокращаться. Так, Chart…

Some cutesy new Lair screenshots

We’re all tired of this «you may look, but you may never, ever, ever touch» policy Sony’s got on this game. Seriously, how many more times will we gaze upon the beauty of giant lizards killing one another while the men riding them also fight to the death — all way up high in the sky? Sure, everything great needs time to mature, but come on! Give the PSN a demo or something.

According to , they’ve got Lair set up for a… wait for it… freakin’ September release! What’s up with that? What’re we going to do during summer? Continue to play other games? But we wanna play this one! Oh well, it’s probably for the better. In my situation, at least. There’s a huge pile of games that require playtime. In the meantime, check out the new screenshots.

PS3 sales go down the drain, slight clog

Oops. It seems like the initial «huzzah!» for the PlayStation 3 in the UK has died down, not unexpectedly. After the PS3 has snuggled into a much lower sales number last week. How much lower? Well, the first weekend saw around 165,000 units move off of shelves and the latest numbers put sales somewhere around 29,700 systems. Around an 82% decrease.

Again, this is to be expected, really. Everyone who really wanted one grabbed it as quick as they could. Now it’s time for the slightly-less-hardcore to go out and get one… as soon as that paycheck clears. Movie ticket sales go down every week, too — especially from opening weekend to the next weekend (there are, of course, exceptions). So is this really another attempt to smash Sony into the ground by the media? Probably, but it would be easier to assume that if the sales drop was, oh, less than 50%. At 82%, it’s alarming enough to warrant a «hmm, what’s going on here?» but not enough to start crying. Let’s get some of those anticipated titles out there! It may help.

Nomura remains vague on Kingdom Hearts 3

. The very mention of this title sends a large cluster of people into a spiral of shame and happiness that makes absolutely no sense. How could they possibly enjoy a game riddled with cutesy Disney characters, they might ask themselves. The answer is simple: because the games are awesome. Tetsuya Nomura knows this, so he’s remained fairly tight-lipped on the next entry in the ongoing tale of the Keyblade and its wielder (who knows who it may be in the next game). He’s still tight-lipped, but that are worth mentioning.

Nomura calls the next game «a new series» which can be kind of confusing. He decided to clear it up by adding this: «the next title won’t just be Kingdom Hearts III. If it were III, we wouldn’t call it a new series.» So, if it’s not KH3, but it is, then what is it? He speaks of Xehanort and Sora, how they may or may not be involved in the next game. Our thought? There’s no more Disney to explore, so they’re going to move it onto a more Square-Enix world — or perhaps loop in movies that aren’t specifically Disney. What do you guys glean from this?

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