Wojciechowski: Calling all would be Masters contenders

Maybe every player isn’t scared of Tiger Woods. It just seems like it, since no posted a great number at the Masters on Thursday, writes Gene Wojciechowski.

Rose masters Augusta’s opening-round challenges

Justin Rose was as proud of his 15 pars as his three birdies in a round of 69, which left him atop the leaderboard with Masters rookie Brett Wetterich.

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Creator Won’t Surrender

The founder of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos defied a federal judge Thursday, calling him a "judge gone wild" and refusing to surrender to U.S. marshals on a contempt citation.

U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak ordered Joe Francis into custody after settlement negotiations soured in a lawsuit brought by seven women who were minors when Francis’ company filmed them on Panama City Beach.

The 34-year-old Francis, who makes an estimated $29 million a year through the videos of girls exposing their breasts, drew the contempt order Wednesday after lawyers for the women said Francis threatened them during negotiations.

Francis told The Associated Press late Thursd…

Johansson Likes To Flirt, Be Mysterious

Did Scarlett Johansson have a fling with Justin Timberlake? She’s not saying.

"We live in a world today where if two people are single ? and one’s a guy and one’s a girl and they’re both famous ? you’re going to be linked with somebody," the 22-year-old actress tells Seventeen magazine’s May issue, on newsstands Tuesday.

"If it’s somebody one week, it’s going to be somebody else the next week. It’s either me or Jessica Biel," Johansson says with a laugh.

Timberlake, a former member of boy band ‘N Sync, and "Charlie’s Angels" actress Cameron Diaz ? who had been dating since 2003 ? confirmed their split in January. Timberlake’s high-profile relationship with Br…

Ext2 and Ext3 on Linux

Does Linux detect Ext2 external HDD linked to PS3 or only HDD formatted in EXT3 ??? Because it won’t detect my external hdd fromatted in EXT2, but I have found a program for windows that allows it to read the HDD on that operation sistem, but I don’t know if it is the same with the EXT3 file system…
Waht do you think about my problem ? Thanks in advice 😉

Census: Immigrants stabilize big-city populations


Two more clips mocking Thai king appear on YouTube (Reuters)

Reuters — Two more clips mocking Thailand's revered monarch appeared on YouTube on Friday, a day after the withdrawal of another that had prompted the army-backed government to block the entire video-sharing Web site.

Piazza’s homer in ninth lifts Athletics over Angels

Visit ESPN.com for the complete story.

Which chips to check for the PS3 hack…

Ok, I have been trying to exchange dvd-roms and hdds from one PS3 to another, that will be useful for future repairs and hardware hacks in ps3… (Since I am not a dev, I post this thread here, but I wish it could be added in dev forums in conjuction with ps3 firmware thread)

The basic steps are:

1. To locate the chips that are holding the critical data on the console (dvd-rom, mobo)
2. A way to duplicate the chips that we will find from step #1
(read and write in those chips, or replace with other chips if needed)

Our first goal is to manage to plug a dvd-rom from one system to another and try to boot an original game.
For this purpose we will:
— Replace the dvd-rom from PS3-a to PS3-b.
— Replace the chips from MAINBOARD-a to MAINBOARD-b
(desolder the chips from one mainboard and solder them into the other mainboard and try to boot games)
This step will let us to know which chips are holding the keys to success..!
The same should be done, after replacing hdds…

Before doing this action, I would like to determine which chips to check, in the mobo. I guess this would be a good start:

Chip 1:

Chip 2:

I remind that we are looking for chips to hold (dvd-key, hdd key, ps3 version) Can anybody with experience help, which are most likely the needed chips?

Kindergarteners kept quiet — with clothespins

Kindergarteners kept quiet — with clothespins

Proposal may ban some Turkish Web sites (AP)

AP — A parliamentary commission approved a proposal Thursday allowing Turkey to block Web sites that are deemed insulting to the founder of modern Turkey, weeks after a Turkish court temporarily barred access to YouTube.

Firefox Also Vulnerable To .ANI Exploits (TechWeb)

TechWeb — Mozilla warns the animated cursor handling bug that's plagued Microsoft's Internet Explorer could cause trouble for Firefox users as well.


Heavenly Sword motion capture session with Andy Serkis

Some of you may know Andy Serkis as the fellow who voiced the beyond-logical-description character Gollum in some movie about rings and lords… Pride and Prejudice, methinks. There were lordly people in there and much exchanging of rings. We kid, naturally. Anyway, it’s pretty interesting and entertaining seeing this guy get into character for his role in Heavenly Sword. Reminds me of myself, when I get into character at the start of every single day of my life. Get it? No? It wasn’t a joke, you say? Now I’m confused.

PlayStation controller found murdered at EB in cold blood

The crime is murder. Dial M for Murder. Murder, she wrote. Murder McMurderton, crime scene investigator; specialty: murder. All of this must be said in that guy’s voice who does all the dramatic movie previews. We demand it right now! In any case, this is a story that can be considered humorous, anti-Sony, whatever. Fact is, it’s a pretty silly idea and we got a kick out of it.

Over at the : «I walked up to my EB yesterday morning half asleep as per usual. Put my key in the lock, unlocked the door, and looked down. This is what I saw: (pictured right)…Yes, that is paint. No, I, or anyone else at my store, had anything to do with it. I can’t decide if it’s a guerilla marketing thing (in which case, while funny, it’s vandalism) or if it’s some bored kids. Seems like a lot of work just to say «Lol, PlayStation is dead.»

Nice. At the campus here at UGA, viral stuff like this is spraypainted everywhere — things like Obey to a variety of guns with nonsensical quips about them. Or gears with the word «Money» beneath it. Whatever. This is, by far, the coolest, despite the negative Sony message. What do you guys think?

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